The 20 Mile Rule

Let start this with warning, yes another one, since I know you just clicked you understand about two seconds ago. This is going to be an R-rated blog, no scratch that, probably more X-rated.

I thought about being passive about this entry. Making huge circles filled with innuendos that you may or may not understand. In the end, or shall I say beginning, I decided getting straight the raw and filthy point was much better. Let’s get down and dirty!

The Blow Job Blog…

I have this friend (hehe)… several actually! Their views on giving blow job’s range from: I won’t put his…

Wait! Let’s pick a word for the too formal “penis” to something I can talk about without feeling like I am talking to a doctor. I’ve heard the penis called many many names; dick seems like I’m cursing at you, penis is too biological and pet names like Mr. Happy seems as though it belongs to a boy not a man. My favorite talk dirty to me name for the ever famous male organ is cock. So, from here on out that’s what I’ll use, it IS my blog!

Back to my friends…

Some say “I won’t put his cock in my mouth” because apparently it’s “disgusting” and under no circumstances should it ever be in their mouth.

Cough Couch Pruuuude Cough

Then I have a few friends that like doing it because they don’t like to have sex. They would rather suck a couple of times, spit and move on with their day and the to-do list they just made during the 2 minutes they were sucking.

Cough Cough Boooooring

So, where do I fit in this spectrum. Well, as I gave oral in the shower today, it was noon after all, (wink wink) I thought… I am just selfish!! I’m not a frequent BJ giver. I realize that it’s because I am selfish. In my experience, the more you BJ’s you give, the longer and better you do it, the less likely you yourself will get any. I don’t like to be left hanging so I shy away from giving very many.

I mean picture this…

There she is on her knees naked in front of you. Your huge cock in her mouth as she slowly slides it back and forth between her wet lips. Sucking just enough to feel it throb with every deep slip inside her mouth. Her eyes looking up and locked with yours as she starts to increase her speed. Stroking it faster and stronger while her lips are tight around the hardness of you. She watches up at you as your head fall’s back and you begin to groan. She can feel your body stiffen and your cock pulse quicker as your body heats up until you explode cum deep into her throat. You look down just as she releases you from her mouth and licks her lips.

Hot Right!?!!

Of course it is, and that is why I am selfish. Bring me to that point and there is no way I can stop. I want more More MORE! Every time this scene plays out I want to rip off all my clothes and attack. Unfortunately there’s usually, like with every man, a waiting period. Understandably! I am sure they would love to be like women with their multiple orgasms, which by the way, is another reason I LOVE being female!!

For me, I like to start BJ's as foreplay, bringing him to that point as often as possible until he can’t control it any longer and he wants to fuck as badly as I do. I wouldn’t say I don’t enjoy doing it because I do like the tease, the foreplay, doing it to start sex, doing it in the middle of sex so he can catch ‘his’ breathe or to wake him up when I feel the urge. But, unfortunately I am not one to do it often because I ALWAYS want more than a cock in my mouth, I’d like it everywhere else, too!

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